For the smallest and least complex websites for individuals, sole traders, or micro-non-profits, we offer a limited micro website package.

On average, these projects are expected to be completed within 1-2 weeks, provided that the client has all required text and images ready and has their website hosting set up and waiting for their website.

A micro website will usually be styled using a recommended customisable pre-made theme, and any specialist features required will be minimal and enabled by using readily-available third-party products or services (which may attract their own fees or subscriptions). The maximum number of pages that we would design and set up is usually 5, and pricing is typically between from £495 and £1,795, depending on the scope and your available budget.

We will endeavour to schedule each project between any larger ones that we have committed to, so availability of the micro website package is limited. To book a project window, we will ask you for an advance deposit of 50% of the agreed price, with the balance payable 2 weeks later.

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